After injured 14-time Roland Garros winner Rafael Nadal withdrew from the Paris Slam and announced that 2024 would be his last season, pundits wondered if Rafa Nadal would even be able to return to the tennis court. Now Toni Nadal, Nadal’s longtime coach and uncle, has announced that the Spaniard has resumed training! We know when the Spaniard will return to tennis activity.

Many consider it a miracle that Rafael Nadal is still walking. He is one of the most injury-prone tennis players. The number of injuries and surgeries he has undergone should have excluded him from professional sport a long time ago. Rafael Nadal, however, still finds the strength for one more rehabilitation and returns to the game as fit as before the injury. Now the Spaniard is doing his best to recover from a hip injury he picked up at this year’s Australian Open before returning to action in 2024 for his final season as a professional tennis player.

It was a great shock to the tennis world when Rafael Nadal withdrew from this year’s Roland Garros. The Spaniard is a 14-time winner of the Paris Slam. However, he had to withdraw because his injured hip did not respond to any treatment and rehabilitation. At an emergency press conference, Nadal announced that next season would be his last. The Spaniard’s body is in a very bad condition and the game is causing him a lot of physical pain. Rafa Nadal, however, does not want to leave without a word. He wants to say goodbye to his favorite tournaments and his fans by playing for them one last time.

Ever since Rafa Nadal shared his retirement date, tennis pundits have begun to wonder if the Spaniard will actually be able to play another season with his body in a deplorable state. It turns out that the Spaniard is not only able to return, he has already resumed training. Rafa Nadal’s current condition was reported by Toni Nadal, Nadal’s longtime coach and uncle.

-Rafael has been training everyday and expecting to hopefully return to tennis activity by next month.- Toni Nadal quoted by TSH Tennis.

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