Scandalous behavior of fans at Taylor Fritz’s match. The American faced Frenchman Arthur Rinderknech in the 1/32 finals of Roland Garros. The match ended with the victory of the American, which did not please some of the audience. Throughout the meeting, the audience booed and whistled at Fritz. The American silenced the unfavorable spectators with one gesture.

There is a high probability that Roland Garros will not be Taylor Fritz’s favorite tournament after the way the audience treated him during the 1/32 finals of this year’s tournament.

In the 1/32 finals, the American Taylor Fritz faced the representative of the hosts, the French Arthur Rinderknech. Taylor Fritz was the clear favorite in this competition. The American defeated the Frenchman in four sets with the score 2-6, 6-4, 6-3, 6-4. However, the American was not fully happy with the victory due to the events during the match and immediately after the duel.

The American did not like the Parisian audience. The spectators were loud, which disturbed him in the game. Recall that in tennis it is forbidden to talk while a rally is in progress or a tennis player is serving. The stands cheered the Frenchman extremely loudly, they even sang the Marseillaise to Rinderknech, and booed and whistled at the American. Even the referee had trouble keeping the fans quiet.

Viewers showed unfavorable behavior towards Fritz even after the end of the match, when, as a result of their attitude, they prevented a post-match interview with the American. Again, the judge and interviewer could not control the audience, despite several requests for silence. Annoyed by the attitude of the stands, the American showed them an eloquent gesture after the winning match ball and during an interview attempt. Fritz silenced the audience by placing his index fingers to his lips, symbolizing the phrase “silence”. You can see the scandalous behavior of the audience below.

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