Everyone was waiting for this news. Rafael Nadal, who has been struggling with an injury for ten months, confirmed that he is returning to the game. Let us recall that in May the Spaniard said that if he manages to recover from the injury at all, the 2024 season will be his last in his career. Here’s everything we know about Nadal’s return to competition.

Rafael Nadal recently competed in a tournament at this year’s Australian Open. The Spaniard came to the competition as the defending champion, but was eliminated in the second round of the event after suffering an injury during the match. Initially, the injury looked so minor that the Spaniard announced his return at the turn of March and April. However, it turned out that the matter was so serious that in May the Spaniard announced that he would not return to the court this season, and next season would be his last, if his body allows him to play at all. This story has a happy ending because the Spaniard is actually able to play, which he confirmed a few days ago.

A few days ago, Rafael Nadal published an entry on his social media that made the whole world happy. The Spaniard wrote in it that he confirmed his return and encouraged people to follow his accounts because in the next few days he and his team will announce which tournament he will play in for the first time after his return. At this point, we are still waiting for this announcement, but we can be sure that it will come because Nadal has emphasized several times in his interviews that he will only announce that he is returning to the game when he is sure that it will happen.

Are you looking forward to the Spaniard’s return?

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