Terrible news from Brussels. There was a terrorist attack in the capital of Belgium. Before the Euro 2024 qualifying match between Belgium and Sweden, a gunman opened fire on passers-by near the stadium. At least two people died.

As reported by the Belgian daily “Het Laatste Nieuws”, the shooting took place on Ypres/Ieperlaan Boulevard, about five kilometers from the stadium where the match between Belgium and Sweden is being played. According to witnesses, the attacker, wearing a reflective construction vest, started shouting “Allahu Akbar” and started firing shots at pedestrians with a Kalashnikov-like weapon.

“Two people died. Both wore Swedish national team shirts,” Belgian media report. Despite his characteristic clothing, the attacker could not be caught.

The players of the Swedish national team learned about the terrorist attack during the break and decided not to go out for the second half. The match against Belgium was interrupted. It will definitely not be resumed on Monday.

According to information from the Benelux media, the attacker published a recording in which he admitted that he had killed not two, but three Swedes. At the same time, he confessed that he was a member of ISIS, which was responsible for this attack. The motive was supposed to be “avenging the Muslims”.

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