The court rejected Dani Alves’ latest appeal and upheld the decision to keep Alves in prison.

Dani Alves has been in Brians 2 prison since 20 January. A Brazilian man is in prison following a rape allegation made by a woman he allegedly sexually assaulted without consent in Barcelona’s Sutton nightclub. The court sent Alves to prison, saying there was enough evidence to prove that Alves had committed the rape.

Dani Alves is constantly appealing the court’s decision and asking for bail. He justifies his appeals by claiming that the sexual intercourse took place with the mutual consent of the parties. The court rejects his requests.

The court stands by its position and leaves Alves in prison for two reasons. First, the court says the evidence proves Alves’ guilt. Secondly, there is a fear of the Brazilian fleeing and there is no extradition treaty between Spain and Brazil.

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