Rafael Nadal, who has been off the court since January due to an injury, announced that 2024 will be his last season in his career. Now that Nadal has announced that his rehabilitation is going well and that he will be able to start his farewell season in a few weeks, Tiger Woods is appealing to tennis fans.

Tiger Woods is one of the most famous and outstanding golfers in history. Privately, the American golfer is a great tennis fan and friend of Rafael Nadal. It is therefore not surprising that he spoke about Nadal’s retirement from sports in 2024.

Let us remind you that Rafael Nadal is one of the most decorated tennis players in history and the second tennis player in history with the most slam wins (22). The Spaniard announced that 2024 will most likely be his last as a professional tennis player. Nadal decided to retire because his body had already experienced so many injuries that it stopped responding to treatments when he injured his hip earlier this year and ultimately had to undergo surgery.

Tiger Woods urges tennis fans to enjoy Rafael Nadal while they can as the Spaniard prepares for his latest comeback. As Nadal prepares for his comeback, Tiger Woods appeals to fans:

– Well, I think what Rafa, what he’s done is extraordinary. I mean, he won the Australian Open on a broken foot. The guy is beyond tough and beyond competitive. I don’t want to see him go. I never wanted to see Fed [Roger Federer] go, but that’s what happened. We should all enjoy watching him compete and watching him play and what he’s meant to the game, what he’s meant to all of us, just to see the passion of how he plays and why he plays. – said Woods.

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