This question may come as a surprise, but we have a reason for asking it. It turns out that Iga Swiatek and Erling Haaland have one thing in common. Can you guess what this thing is?

Some time ago, a photo of Iga Swiatek training with her mouth taped was circulating on the Internet. The photo caused a huge stir. It was talked about on TV, tennis experts and coaches explained the benefits of this method, and some tennis players even introduced it into their training for a while. It turns out that duct tape is what Iga Swiatek and Erling Haaland have in common.

Erling Haaland is a Norwegian footballer who plays as a striker for the English club Manchester City. Haaland has been a sensation in the footballing world since being named the best in the Premier League and Champions League last season. Let us remind you that Manchester City won in both competitions. Thanks to his achievements, the footballer’s popularity is constantly growing, and from time to time he shares the secrets of his success. It turns out that, like Iga Swiatek, Haaland also tapes his mouth, but in different circumstances. The footballer does it before going to sleep, to which he pays great attention. Before sleeping, he tapes his mouth shut to breathe through his nose as long as possible. Such exercise has a positive effect on increasing efficiency and endurance.

– I think sleep is the most important thing in the world. Good sleep and simple habits like blue light blocking glasses and cutting out all stimuli in the bedroom are really important. You should try putting tape over your mouth. I sleep this way. Making big revolutions at once is not good, but doing small things, every day, over a long period of time, really pays off – said Erling Haaland on Logan Paul’s podcast.

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