Mexico wants to host the Olympics again. Mexico hosted the 1968 Olympic Games. It was the first Latin American country to host the Olympics. Mexico is now bidding to host the Olympic Games in 2036 or 2040. The details were revealed by the Mexican Foreign Minister.

Information that Mexico is again applying to host the Olympic Games has been confirmed by the country’s foreign minister. Marcelo Ebrard posted on his Twitter a photo of the formal request he wrote to the International Olympic Committee to host the Games.

Mexico is interested in hosting the Games in 2036 or 2040. Country’s foreign minister justifies his request by saying that Mexico has a well-developed sport, economic, and hotel infrastructure in many regions and shares the same values as the Olympic Committee—peace, fraternity, and justice.

In the election of the country to host the Olympics, Mexico competes with England, Egypt, India, Indonesia and Qatar.

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