Riley Gaines accuses Lia Thomas of cheating and stealing the title. The point is that Thomas is a transgender swimmer who, according to Gaines, should not be allowed to compete against women since she was originally male.

Riley Gaines spoke out about Lia Thomas after seeing ESPN’s footage of her. In the video, Thomas is portrayed as a courageous woman who is a pioneer for trans athletes and a beacon for other trans athletes who want to follow in her footsteps.

Riley Gaines didn’t like the ESPN material about Thomas. The woman mentioned how they had competed in the past and Thomas was treated better. It’s about the situation in 2022, when after they had to share a place on the podium, Gaines couldn’t keep the trophy. She only got a replica for photos, because the organization wanted, and apparently told the swimmer directly, that Thomas should be the one to hold the correct trophy in the photos and take it home.

Riley Gaines tweeted the following: